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maeva pajot

Since his African journey, where he met and trained with dancer and drummer Sékou Facoly KOUROUMA, and with Amara Kalabane (company Batapon Malanyi), Didier P sees his inner relation with music differently: “Technique alone isn’t enough by itself, being present and being attentive to the others are necessary and expected qualities”
To know how to respect the intimate bound between rhythm along with gesture and breathing, altogether to serve the musicality and the accompanied energy.

Long training including self-questioning and thoughts “with this instrument, one can not cheat” S.F.Kourouma.

Thanks as well to François Kokelaere for his enlightment and Louis César Ewandé with whom I followed several trainings. To know how to let the mental and the analysis, -sometimes preponderant and omnipresent- go, in order to measure the importance of the feeling, the loosening, all this for a wider listening, which provides us with more musical possibilities, more presence.

Thanks again to all the people, for their demand for accuracy and for their will to share and transmit their own values to me.